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Juan Gabriel Aguero Avila : Thanx for being with all of his friendship, support and helps for this web site. Thanx for giving the permission for perfect La Usurpadora videos and some photos.

Diana Zhverelo : Thanx for sending me alot of photos of Abrazame Muy Fuerte and thanx for giving the permission for Abrazame Muy Fuerte videos.

Peren Kaner : Thanx for being a perfect partner:)) Thanx for hot news and thanx for support me for Fan Of Fer groups.

Antonis Triantos : Thank you for giving me the permission of some Abrazame Muy Fuerte and Mas Alle De La Usurpadora videos.       

Ana Georgievska  : Thanx for the permission of great screensavers. And congratulations for your perfect web site.