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When finishing the novel La Usurpadora, the producers decided to make another chapter, which is after a year of Carlos Danielís and Paulinaís marriage with an addition to family Bracho is Carlos Daniel and Paulinaís baby girl Paulita. It starts when Paulina visits the doctor for a check up, on her test results she was diagnosed with cancer and had only 6 months to live and she never tells anyone about this illness. She then decides to look for the new Mrs. Bracho to be the wife of Carlos Daniel and the mother of Carlitos, Lisset and Paulita. The chosen woman is Raquel who is the childrenís teacher.

Raquel is bad and decides to anticipate the death of the Paulina because she loves Carlos Daniel and doesnít care that he is a married man, so at the first anniversary for Carlos Danielís and Paulinaís marriage she puts poison into Paulinaís wine because she canít wait 6 more months. Lisset wants to drink the wine, but Carlitos says that she cannot because it is for the adults and he takes the cup from her and swaps


it without knowing the one who drinks the poisoned wine is Raquel. Paulina faints so they call the ambulance, soon later Raquel also it passes away badly and she is taken with Paulina to the hospital. At the hospital they discover that Paulina got the wrong test results and she isnít sick but pregnant again. Raquel tells the truth about the poison to Paulina and she gives Raquel money to go back from where she came from. And then at the end they all live happily.

Yadhira Carillo played the role of Raquel. Others are known artist eqiup.