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Today he is 36 ( he was born on 3.3.1966.) years old, and he is the most popular mexican actor and after twelwe years of acting in telenovelas he earns 60 000$ dollars on a month. Fernando has always played positive characters, always charming and gentle gentlemens, with serious look, but very discrete but never aggresive, and who women always love and are great lovers. Every day he recives houndreds of letters in which he gets marrige propousls and gifts from women all over the world, but he is single for already seven years. Fernando was going to be an arhitect but after a few small parts in telenovelas like “Maria Mercedes”, “Marimar” and “Alondra” he dedicated himself to acting. In 1996., on the set of “Maria de la barrio” he fell in love with his paretner Thalia. For famous mexican singer and actress he was just an adventure so their relationship didn?t lasted long. But at that time his careere was going up so in 96` he shooted “Esmeralda” with Leaticia Caledron. The serial brought him more fans all over the world, and in 98` in telenovela “La Usulpadora” his partner was the venezuelan young star Gabriela Spanic.

After the shooting ended Gabriela said that Fernando`s kisses excite her. After that in 1999. his partner in “Nunca te olvidare” was the beautiful Edith Gonzalez, and the two of them had to play in some really hot scens, but they have stayed friends. In year 2000. in serial “Abrazame muy fuerte” his partners were Cesar Evora, Victoria Ruffo and Aracely Arambula, and for the role of doctor Carlos Manuel se recived TvyNovelas award for best actor. His last project is called “Pecado mortal” and he is acting again with Cesar Evora. Fernando confesses that in his job the looks are most important, so he likes to be fit. Every day he plays squash, tennis or goes to the gym.

In Mexico he published a video tape “How to stay fit”about the culture of keeping your body fit, and it was a hit, just like Jane Fonda`s and Cindy Crawford`s videos in America. When he was young he wanted to be an arhitect, and 12 years ago he and his friend Francisco opened a motor bike store, which works very successful even today. Maybe its is unusual but he still lives with his parents, and he is not afraid for not having a relationship, because he`s looking for a woman with who he`d spend his whole life. Carla Estrada gave him the leading part in her new telenovela “Amor Real” and his partner will be Adela Noriega.